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Class One: Reception

Welcome to our class page...

 Welcome to the Spring Term in school. 

Our topic title for this half term is Fairy-tale Fun. As the title suggests we will be having fun as we read stories and immerse ourselves in the make-believe world of fairy-tales and traditional stories. Each week we will share a specific story and link its content to our foundation subjects – art, science, geography, design technology etc.

During the first few weeks the children will be involved in painting, designing and making items, which can be used in our Fairy-tale Cottage role-play. We will be retelling traditional stories through drama in our role-play area and through puppetry, making different kinds of puppets to use in our puppet theatre. The children will be producing paintings which portray their favourite fairy-tale characters which will be put up on display creating a ‘Once upon a time’ wall frieze for our classroom. During the half term the children will also be involved in activities such as baking cakes and biscuits. This will form part of our work with the story of Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man, giving us the opportunity to look closely at how ingredients change during the cooking process. We will be linking our ICT with Art and Literacy as we use graphics and text software to recreate parts of familiar traditional stories. Gymnastics and football skills will be the focus for PE lessons, which are timetabled across the week so please ensure that your child brings a PE kit into school each Monday.

During our RE studies we will be looking at and sharing ‘special books’. We will consider what makes a book special, how to take care of our books and share important books and stories as part of our Christian faith teaching.

If you would like any further information about our topic or specific activities or feel you would like to help in any way please feel free to pop in for a chat.

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 Mrs Borwell and Mrs Atkinson.


 To view news reports on Class One activities please click on the PDF files below.

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