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Class Two: Year 1



Welcome to Year 1!

This half term our new topic is Ourselves.

During our topic we will learn about Ourselves along with how our body works. We will learn about healthy eating and living during Science and we will be doing lots of writing work about Ourselves.

In Geography we will be focusing on the Seasons and this half term we will be focusing on Autumn and what is special about Autumn.

During music we will learn some songs about Ourselves and our bodies.

ICT skills we will get the children familiar with using computers and logging on and learning how to save their work.

In Art and Design we will be looking at drawing and painting self-portraits and how to mix primary colours to make other colours.

In D&T we will look at making a healthy snack for us to eat and we will also look at what food makes a healthy meal and we will design that plate of food.

In RE we will be looking at the questions ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What does it mean to belong?’

In P.E we will be looking at Multi-skills and Football. P.E is on Monday and Friday, so please ensure that your child has their P.E kit with them for the whole week. To be prepared for all weathers, please can your child have tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved top and trainers, so that we can still do our P.E outside when possible. Please could your child also have black shorts and a plain white t-shirt and plimsolls for when we do P.E indoors.

Please can you ensure that your child has a waterproof coat with them everyday, so we can be ready for whatever weather!

Miss Atkinson

KS1 - Topic plan Autumn Term


Year 1's Blog

Welcome to the new school year!

Hannah Atkinson (h.atkinson) on: Year 1's Blog

Welcome to Year 1!

The children have settled in wonderfully and have really enjoyed their first week in Year 1. The have explored all of the areas in the classroom and have made themselves at home. The children have also done some fantastic hard work in this first week. I am proud of all the children and the way they have joined Year 1.

Well done!

Miss Atkinson

Happy Easter!

Hannah Atkinson (h.atkinson) on: Year 1's Blog

We have had a busy last couple of weeks of term. We've had a wonderful Easter Service at church along with lots of other Easter celebrations.

In class we have been building our own shoe box houses and we have now finished them!

They all looked fantastic in the end and I'm sure whichever toy is going to live in there will love it!

We also had a wonderful visit from Nick Tyerman to show us how we build the walls of a house. The kids all loved doing this and all got a go at putting a brick onto the wall. Thank you again for coming in to show us all!

Also this week we completed a science experiment with our version of The Three Little Pigs houses. The lego house was the strongest and the weakest was the straw house. Ask you child about how we did it and what happened.

We have had a lovely last day and have all enjoyed the Duck Race with three winners in our class! Well done!

Have a lovely Easter holiday and see you all after.

This week in Year 1.

Hannah Atkinson (h.atkinson) on: Year 1's Blog

This week has been fun and busy!

We started the week off by doing an experiment with ice. We had two ice cubes and we kept one on a table and another one on the radiator. We watched what happened and check them every five minutes. In the end the ice cube on the radiator melted quicker.

We have also had fun with our area jobs this week. In construction we had to build a tower as big as we could make it.

Here are Louis, Freddie, Ava and Jess with their huge tower which kept falling over but we got a photo in the end.

Here is Hugo and Auden with their amazing tower too!

Well done everyone in the areas this week.

We have also been learning about fractions and we have had great fun playing games of fraction bingo! We learnt about wholes, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and 1/6.

We also started halving numbers and we used Numicon and play dough to help us. The children printed the Numicon shape that they needed into the play dough and then rubbed out the holes until they had a half.

We've had a great week so far.

Miss Atkinson

What materials are strong?

Hannah Atkinson (h.atkinson) on: Year 1's Blog

Today in Science we talked about what materials are strong! We also talked about which materials are weak. Here are our Science groups sorting out classroom objects into these to groups.

After this we also talked about which strong materials we should use to build a house. We said that we should use: plaster, bricks, wood, cement, glass (for windows), and metal.

We all had lots of fun finding strong and weak objects in our classroom.

Year 1.

World Book Day!

Hannah Atkinson (h.atkinson) on: Year 1's Blog

Today was World Book Day and we all got the opportunity to come to school dressed up as our favourite character from a story. Here is Year 1 dressed up in their fantastic costumes.

Louis: "World Book Day is fun."

Layla: "We had fun in our costumes."

Ellen: "Everyone was wearing a different costume."

Auden: "It was the best day ever."

Ava: "We talked to the older children about our books."

Evie: "It was so fun."

Bea: "It was a fun time."

Katie: "We were so excited."

Noah: "I loved it!"

Freddie: "I liked being a storm trooper at school."

Hugo: "I had a fun time and I was Harry Potter."

Monica: "I liked being Silky."

Oscar W: "I had a great time."

The children had a fantastic time as their characters today. They got to share their books with the older children in the school. It was a great time and all of the children enjoyed it.

Thank you for the wonderful costumes and making the day fun!

Miss Atkinson and Year 1.