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Welcome to Class Two

Here is an overview of the curriculum our children will be covering this year.

Y1 Curriculum plan 2019-20 Year A.

Year 1 Blog

Marshmallow Bridges

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

We made bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows. We tested the bridges strength by using coins to see which bridge could hold the most. We planned out our designs first then used the plans to help use construct our models. 


Bonfire Night

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

To celebrate Bonfire Night we have been creating some EXPLOSIVE art. 

We first used different techniques to make marks on our paper using paint. Once this had dried we then used chalk to add further detail to make our fireworks more realistic. 


Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

This week in English, we have started to look at the story of Rapunzel. 

We have learnt the story of Rapunzel through re-telling the story verbally and in writing. 


Autumn 2

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This term, our topic will be Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We will learn all about the different parts of a castle and describe how they have changed over time. Using a wide range of materials, we’ll build models of castles and test the strength of our structures. We’ll learn the stories of Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff and create models inspired by them. Maps and photographs will help us learn about the tallest buildings and the longest tunnels in the world. We’ll find out about the amazing Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and improve our PE skills by playing attacking and defending games.

Your child will have a new homework grid in their homework book that relates to the new topic we will be doing over the next half term. Please only complete one homework task each week, so that the grid will last the whole half term.

Your child will also have a new My Maths task to complete every week which will be added to their login on a Friday. If you are having any problems with logging on please let me know.

Please remember that your child will be doing P.E. on a Monday and Wednesday and will need their PE kit in school. Please can they bring with them P.E trousers, shorts, white top, jumper and trainers. This will allow us to have P.E. indoors and outdoors.

As the cold weather begins to creep in we ask that your child comes to school every day with a coat so they can be ready for whatever the weather.


Thank you

Mrs Hall 

Curriculum map- Towers Tunnels Turrets Topic Web.doc

Autumn Nature Walk

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

Today we went on an Autumn walk to look at how our surroundings change as the season changes. We found lots of different coloured leaves, acorns and pine cones. We are going to use the pieces of nature that we found to create Autumn windows.  



Dinosaur Museum

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

We have had a fantastic time showing our parents and families around our Dinosaur Museum today. All the children were very enthusiastic and excited to pass on the knowledge that they have learnt over the past half term. 



Dinosaur Skull

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We used Mod Roc to create a replica of a T-Rex skull. It was lots of fun getting messy and exploring how Mod Roc works.

Dino Dentists

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

We were dino dentists and had a go at making our own dinosaur teeth! We had to use different tools and techniques to make the right shapes and marks on our dino teeth.

Dinosaur Discovery

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog

We found a nest in school. After talking about what we thought was inside the eggs, we decided to open the eggs up and have a look.

Topic Information

Alice Hall (a.hall) on: Year 1 Blog


Welcome to Year 1

This half term our topic is Dinosaur Planet.

In art we will be using different materials to create dinosaur collages. ICT to create our own images and we will become dino dentists using salt dough to make our own dinosaur teeth.

In ICT we will be practicing how to log on and log off the computers using our own log-in.  We will be learning how to use the internet safely and we will be using the internet to gather information about a dinosaur that interests us.

In Geography and History we will be finding out where fossils can be found in England. We will be looking at what the earth was like millions of years ago and learning about who Mary Anning is. 

In science we will be looking at what Dinosaurs ate, how they moved and their similarities and differences. We will be doing lots of sorting and learning the words herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. We will explore fossils using magnifying glass and sort them into different types.

In music we will be learning a dinosaur song. Then we will choose instruments to accompany our lyrics. We will use a variety of instruments to experiment with beat, rhythm and tempo.

P.E. will be on a Monday and Wednesday we will be doing games and dance during our P.E. sessions. Please remember to have you P.E. kit in school (polo shirt, shorts, plimsolls, trainers and jumper).

Please can you child bring a coat to school everyday, this will ensure that we are ready for whatever the weather may be.

Thank you,

Mrs Hall  

Dinosaur Topic Web.doc